The Steps

Discover the best-suited treatment protocol that will help you become the best version of yourself in just 110 mins!

The scope is to tackle all your needs in a tailor-made fashion in a time span that typically ranges from 110 minutes, without the need for multiple clinic visits as all packages have been carefully designed to only require a single visit -whereby the initial consultation is conducted either via 3D simulation online or as part of a clinic visit with your doctor.

This is a highly popular beauty solution for those who are on a tight schedule as well as our international travellers who visit us for our health tourism services.


4 Easy Steps

1. Online Consultation
Save time and obtain a clearer understanding with the use of 3D simulation

2. Plan & Cost
A tailor made rejuvenation protocol designed by your doctor for each third of the face

3. Booking
Book via phone or online

4. Treatment
Single session visit

At-Home Maintenance

Clients will receive an at-home maintenance package that compliments and prolongs the results of their treatment via the internationally praised Dr. Age Skin skincare products. Furthermore, they will also have the opportunity to undergo any follow up treatments in the future should they wish to.

The Rules

The Same Day Beauty Boost stems from the concept of skin geography known as The Rule Of Thirds, which refers to the splitting of the face into: Upper Third, Middle Third and Lower Third, for better-targeted results. With this in mind, we have pooled together the most ideal combo treatments from each facial third that can be mixed and matched by your doctor to create your ideal face solution.




Safety Measures 

It is important to mention that our premises operated under the internationally adopted SANITIZED PROTOCOLS initiative, to ensure for the extra protection and safety of visitors and staff as part of the post-covid era.